Monday, November 12, 2012

Review - Clover Ln Coffee House, Jamie Marich

Friday evening my fiance Tim and I went to the Unitarian Church of Harrisburg to enough the Coffee House night. The performer this month was Dr. Jamie Marich, who in addition to being a performer and song writer is also an addiction counselor and leads workshops and retreats about mindfulness.

Jamie opened her set with several familiar folk and country songs that most people in the audience knew. Jamie encouraged singing along wherever possible, and this is an aspect of her show I very much enjoyed. The artists she covered ranged from Neil Young and Cat Stevens to Patsy Cline and Hank Williams. These songs made me a little homesick, as they are songs my Dad and Aunt Beck have played She also shared several original songs from two of her three CDs with us. I enjoyed her original songs very much, especially Grace of a Woman and At Arm's Length. I was impressed by her skill as a guitar player, as well as a singer and a songwriter.

Generally, I think Jamie Marich would be an awesome person to hang out with. I think she's found the secret to surviving in a very tough profession, mental health. Her work with music and mindfulness balances her, and keeps her from burning out like so many who chose to help others. If we're lucky enough to get her back at Clover Lane in 2013, I would definitely go back to see her again.

Unitarian Church of Harrisburg

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