Monday, November 5, 2012

Restaurant Review: Fox & Hounds @ Susquehanna Town Shoppes

Last week I got an email with a Groupon offer for $10 for $20 worth of food and drink at Fox and Hound. We decided to give them a try for this week's Steelers game, instead of our usual trip to Aroogas.

Food: We ordered two appetizers and 3 dinners between everyone at my table. For appetizers, we had pretzel nuggets and spinach artichoke dip. The pretzel nuggets were unlike anything I've had elsewhere. They were lightly fried and had a buttery flavor with a little sweetness. It reminded me of a funnel cake without the powdered sugar. They were served with a spicy cheese dip that made me think of Nacho Cheese Combos. The spinach artichoke dip was good, it was served in a small soup bowl surrounded by red and yellow tortilla chips. My fiance's burger and my friend Ryan's sandwich both looked good and were prepared as requested. I ordered Newcastle Brown Ale battered Fish and Chips. The fries and fish were both a little greasy, and the breading on the fish was a little dark. It tasted good and the portion of fish was substantial. One thing that must be mentioned, since I mentioned the fries, is that their ketchup was not Heinz. So that's one small mark against the food.

Beer: Fox and Hound has a larger number of beers on tap than Arooga's. I had a Newcastle Brown Ale (to go with my Newcastle Fish and Chips) that was delicious.

Service: Our server was attentive and polite. She continued to check on us throughout the game. We arrived at 4 PM and were there until almost 8 PM by the time the game finished.

Atmosphere: There are plenty of TVs in the restaurant and there was no issue seeing the game. The section we were in had 3 tiers of tables, and we were at the highest tier at a high table. There was a large TV with the Steelers game on right in front of us. The only problem with this was it was almost too close to watch comfortably. With the way the room was set and no cloth on the walls to dampen the sound, it was very loud. It was difficult to hear our server at times (for which she apologized and had no problem repeating things when asked, she was very sweet.) It was also difficult to carry out a conversation at the table when the game was on. Commericials were just as loud, so there was no break there either. I had a pounding headache by the time we left. Also, even though some of the staff and other customers were wearing team apparel, no one seemed that interested in the game. I was often the only one cheering or clapping, not that anyone else could tell, because it was so loud.

So is Fox and Hound going to replace Arooga's as our go to place to watch the Steelers? No. But I wouldn't mind trying it again just for dinner, when there's not a game on. They had a good menu and there are other things I'd like to try, and I was pleased with the service.

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