Monday, October 29, 2012

Kids didn't have to go to school but I had to go to work... :-(

Hurricane Sandy

1.) How did hurricane season make it all the way to the S's without me really noticing it til now? I remember a couple tropical storm reports back in late August/early September, but we're all of a sudden on Sandy?

2.) I live in Harrisburg, PA. The governor has declared a state of emergency, and so has the mayor. State offices and schools are closed, but my employer is open. I'm left with 2 things. Either A) The state and city etc are all overreacting or B) My employer might be under-reacting? Our decision makers are in the midwest, so I'm not sure what the storm coverage is like out there. Here, everyone is being encouraged to stay safe and take it very seriously.

3.) School is canceled today, which has to be a pain for anyone who has kids whose job is open, because they are going to have to scramble for childcare.

4.) I'm a little nervous. They are anticipating major power outages, and possibly flash floods. I missed the flooding here last year, I didn't move down until the start of November. I can handle snow, having lived near Erie most of my life, and also in Western NY. The idea of water everywhere and ending up trapped someplace is a bit unnerving to me, even if it is unlikely to come to pass.

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