Friday, October 26, 2012

Sorry, no blogs! But good news - and Catching up

I know it's been almost a week since I blogged last, but it's been a busy week and a good week.

On Saturday, as most people who read this blog already know, Tim and I got engaged. He first surprised me with his new costume, a complete Capt Jack Harkness (of Doctor Who and Torchwood fame) outfit, including hat, coat, suspenders, Webley revolver and vortex manipulator. This went perfectly with my own Doctor Who inspired costume. I was dressed as Oswin Oswald, the junior entertainment director of the Alaska which crash landed on the Dalek Asylum planet in Episode 7:1. Then we stopped at his parents' house. We were there ostensibly to check on the house since his folks were out of town for the weekend. Then he surprised me again by setting up a bottle of wine (a 2009 Riesling he brought back from his trip to Germany a couple years ago) that he had been saving for as special occasion, along with the glasses we drank from on our first Renaissance Faire date. He asked if I’d like to marry him and then pulled the box with my beautiful ring out of the jacket pocket. We drank wine and called our families, and then went on to our friend Kim’s Halloween party.

To answer the obvious questions:

1) No, we haven’t set a date yet.
2) Yes, I’m incredibly happy and grateful and excited, etc.

Here is an awesome drawing one of my friends from Sparkpeople did of Tim and I in our costumes, complete with Tardis backdrop:

The week since has been prepping for tonight, which is the Halloween/Samhain party at UCH being put on by Clover Grove, one of the groups I participate in. Tuesday night we went grocery shopping so I would have ingredients to make stew for the pot luck. Wednesday night I went to help set up. I’m amazed by how we were able to transform the space in the Common Room. I’m looking forward to wearing our costumes again. Last night I went to Zumba so I can wear my rather form-fitting costume without worrying about my gut hanging over my utility belt. And tonight is the party. But we’re a little slow at MARCO today, so I decided I’d get back to blogging.

Other topics I’ve missed blogging about this week – Football – Mike Wallace’s butter-fingering up the game last week and the Steelers managing to win despite it, the Retro uniforms for this week – Weather – FRANKENSTORM! – The Election – Mourdock – An idiot but at least he’s an honest one and he didn’t say a woman’s body can tell when it’s a “legitimate rape.”

Have a fantastic weekend folks! I’ll get back to blogging more diligently this week, I promise. (Girl Scout’s Honor – Hey, the Girl Scouts do still have some, since they aren’t discriminating against gay and lesbian Scouts and parents! – But that’s a blog for another day)

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