Monday, July 22, 2013

On my way!

Tonight one of the Zumba Fitness Instructors at Golds Gym Linglestown gave me the opportunity to teach a song during her class. I was nervous all day, and I did make one mistake during the song, but otherwise it went very well. The song was En Sus Marcas Listos Fuera. I did the live version of the choreography from the DVD I got when I completed my Zumba Basic 1 training. I had fun, and now I'm pumped to do it again tomorrow. I was especially glad that the woman who always does the loudest "Woop woop!" and hollers along with the lyrics was there. The chorus of the song has this great "What, what, what!" followed by a drawn out "Yeeaaaah!" that was awesome to hear people shouting out while we were all dancing.

I want to work on some more of my own choreography. I still need to finish the cool down song I've been working on (Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulton) And I need to finish the routine for Say Hey I Love You by Michael Franti and the Spearheads. - I love this song, Keely and I used to dance around the basement to it when I moved back home for while. 

I'm very excited and grateful for the opportunity to try teaching out and eager to teach more. I'm so glad the other people I've met in the Zumba Fitness community here in Central PA have been so kind and welcoming.  Say Hey, I Love You, Zumba!

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