Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What kind of vanity plate would I get for my dream set of wheels?

I’ve always thought vanity plates were cool. My Grandma and Grandpa Holmes had them for their cars (BUZZ EB on his and EB BUZZ on hers), and so do my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Jeff (C BLUM and J BLUM, respectively). A lot of my friends (and everyone else) in Nebraska had vanity plates. Apparently it’s a lot cheaper to get a vanity plate there. My friends there had geek-themed plates, which was very cool to me. It’s like getting a tattoo in a way, but a lot less permanent. I’m always on the lookout for interesting plates. Today on my way back to work after lunch, I saw a plate that said WARP 1. I also saw one at Giant one day with D & D – although I think it was probably the couple’s initials and not Dungeons & Dragons.

So that made me think about, and not for the first time, what kind of vanity plate should I get? Would I want it on my Corolla, or would I save it for a car that’s a little bit more… me? Like a scarlet red Mini-Cooper with a white racing stripe, for example? Or maybe an outdoorsy forest green Subaru Outback? Or a cute Yellow Ford Escape Hybrid? Or a Tardis Blue Toyota Rav 4?

Possible Vanity Plate Ideas:

GODD355 - Goddess
SUZQMBA – A combination of Suzy Q and Zumba
FOREST - not Gump, for my home sweet home
MRS SMITH - I can get that one in a few months, and people might think I’m Angelina Jolie.
OSWIN1 – Because Tardis is probably taken.
DY & LGLC - Die Young & Leave a Good Looking Corpse *Not really for me, but it seems to be the attitude of a lot of drivers in Harrisburg!

Can you come up with anything better? What would your vanity plate say?

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